Shipping a Bike - Instructions

Failure to secure your shipping label properly will void your insurance! If items are lost because the label fell off we will do everything possible to locate the item. Ultimately we are not responsible for loss due to improper shipping label attachment.

If you received a welcome packet from us via US Mail, UPS or FedEx

You should have everything you need to attach your shipping label.
  1. Luggage tags (Handle Wraps)
  2. Shipping labels
  3. Zip ties


If you received an e-mail shipping label

Since our time window was short you will be printing your own labels and "self-laminating" them with clear packing tape.  This is to insure they do not fall off during transit.

Important: Once you have "self-laminated" the labels securely with tape, wrap an extra layer of tape across the top of the label and then punch a hole thru it no less then 1/2 inch from the top.  In the hole insert a zip-tie and then wrap it around a luggage handle.  If you are using a cardboard box simply tape the label to the box securely.

Attaching your shipping label to your bike case/box

Proper placement of Luggage Tag   Improper placement of Luggage Tag

About the pick up

HCS will be scheduling a pick up on the agreed upon date. If you are shipping via Ground we cannot specify an exact time. It will just be sometime during the day on the date of pick up. If you are shipping air we can schedule within a 3 hour window. Generally we schedule in the morning between 9am and 12pm. You can contact us if you need to change the time.

If you will not be home that day or need to leave. Please leave your item in a secure location where the driver can find it. If the location is not obvious please leave a note so the driver will be able to locate the items.

If the pick up does not occur as you expected please feel free to contact us. We will be watching to confirm the pick up occurs as well.

Where do you pick up your bike once you arrive?
  Your bike will be waiting for you at the address we shipped it to.
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Where do you drop off your bike once your done?
  We will be scheduling a pick up from the address you supplied to us on the pre-determined date.
You should already have your return label. If you don’t please contact us.
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Where does the bike case/box get stored?
  Your bike case/box will be stored at the address we shipped it to.

Bike Packing Instructions

Please read the attached pages carefully in preparation for packing and shipping your bike

We strongly recommend taking your bike to your local bike shop and having it professionally packed. If it’s packed at a bike shop there will be less risk of damage or additional assembly charges related to improper disassembly.

When packing your bike, remember TAPE LINES! Mark your seat post height, and your handle bar and aero bar positions, with tape. This will ensure proper positioning and fit when assembling.

Bikes can be shipped in bike specific cases or cardboard bike boxes. Both boxes require some bike disassembly which will require tools for reassemble at your destination.

Frequent travels should consider purchasing a bike specific case which will protect your bike during transit. These cases feature handles, straps and wheels, which protect and ease the shipping and handling of your bike.

Special guidelines for Bike Shipping

  1. Carbon frames. We insure carbon frames but not for full replacement unless they are completely lost. If there is damage to your carbon frame we work with a company which specializes in carbon frame repair. Contrary to popular belief a carbon frame can be repaired.

  2. Pedals. Remove your pedals prior to shipping and take them with you. We are not responsible for lost pedals.

  3. Helmets. Take your helmet with you. It is not safe to ship your helmet. If the box were to take a hit where the helmet is at and compromise the helmet you may not know this. If you were to take a serious fall on your bike your helmet may not protect you as you might expect.

  4. Loose items. There should be no loose bike parts, screws, skewers,etc in the box. These items can potentially fall out while in transit.

  5. Computers. Remove them and take them with you.

  6. Soft Cases. We do not recommend packing your bike in soft cases.
    Please note we do not insure bikes packed in soft cases.
General Bike Packing Tips
  check box Remove the pedals, seat/seatpost.
  check box Remove road bike's front brake.
  check box Release mountain-bike front brake cable.
  check box Remove handlebars (or bars/stem).
  check box Remove the front wheel and quick release.
  check box Bag or box all removed small items.
  check box Ensure parts and frame can't hit each other.
  check box When packing a cardboard box, tie the parts to the bike.
  check box If you're using a cardboard box, pack tape to seal the box on the return leg.
  check box Carry cycling shoes, shorts and jersey in case/box.
  check box Let some air out of your tires.
  check box Bring a quality frame pump for tire repairs if your mini-pump won't reach optimum pressure.
  check box Sleeping bags or soft clothing makes great padding and frees up room in other baggage.

How does Bike Insurance work? - Click here for insurance details

What if my bike is damaged? - Click here to file a claim

Restrictions on what you can ship

Please verify that your shipment(s) do not contain any dangerous or regulated items listed on FedEx’s list of dangerous goods.

This list includes:
aerosol sprays, airbags, alcohol, liquor, beer, ammunition, butane, car batteries, chemicals (some), cologne, dry ice, fireworks, gasoline, jet fuel, lighters, nail polish, nail polish remover, nitrogen-refrigerated liquid, paint and perfume.

This list is subject to change without notice. If you are not sure whether an item is considered dangerous or is regulated, contact the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) at 800-467-4922.


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