How does Luggage Shipping Insurance work ?

We offer $500 insurance automatically per item shipped. Additional insurance is available at the rate of $1.25 per $100 of insurance. For example, if you wanted $1000 of insurance on your skis the cost would be an additional $5.

It is very important to insure each item for the replacement value

Most carriers prefer we use boxes when shipping. This does not always make sense for sporting equipment. Many specialty bags are made with padding built into the bag or a hard plastic exterior for protection. These bags were designed to be shipped. If you need a bag try your local sporting goods store. Of course you can always buy them online too.

When a bag is shipped without a box as protection you risk some scuffing and possible damage to the bag itself. We will not insure for luggage which is damaged during transit. Normal wear and tear is to be expected just like when your luggage is moved through the airlines baggage system.

If you are sending anything fragile or breakable please make sure it is packaged properly before we pick up the item from your home. If need be take it to a store which specializes in packaging items. (We of course can provide this service for outgoing items as well).

If an item is damaged en route to us we will handle all of the claims paperwork on this end. Your responsibility will be to make sure it was packaged properly. Insurance companies can deny a claim based on improper packaging.

If your item is damaged on it’s way back from your destination the carrier will need to inspect the package and examine the contents to determine if it was packaged properly. So don’t throw away the box or any packaging materials. Call us immediately if damaged had occurs when you receive the luggage back at your home. A repair estimate will need to be supplied by you from a reputable repair shop.

If the amount of insurance is under $100 we will file a claim with the carrier. If the amount is over $100 we file a claim with the carrier and also file a claim with our alternate insurance company. Additional pictures and receipts may be required.

Once the claim is complete. We issue you a check for the amount of the claim not the insurance company.

You are our customer and we do all the work to resolve the claim. But there are some responsibilities on your part. Hopefully we never have to make a claim on your behalf but being informed is a good first step to avoiding problems later.


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