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How does Bike Insurance work?

We offer $1000 insurance automatically per bike shipped. Additional insurance is available at the rate of $1.25 per $100 of insurance. For example, if you wanted $2000 of insurance on your bike the cost would be an additional $12.50.

It is very important to insure each item for the replacement value

Keep in mind that this works like car insurance. If you bike was purchased new for $3000 3 years ago it is probably not worth that today.

Packaging your bike properly is  very important. If the bike is damaged in transit due to improper packaging the claim can be denied. If you are unfamiliar with how to package your bike please visit your local bike shop for assistance. If an item is damaged en route to us we will handle all of the claims paperwork on this end. Your responsibility will be to make sure it was packaged properly.

You can use a bike box and package your bike safely. There are a number of bike cases on the market designed for shipping bikes. These are usually hard plastic and contain foam on the interior to safely secure your bike for transportation. These cases will make your bike safer but can also be more expensive. It may be worth the investment if you do multiple trips with your bike.

When a box or case is shipped  you risk some scuffing and possible damage to the box or case itself. Insurance does not cover exterior packaging. Normal wear and tear is to be expected just like when your luggage is moved through the airlines baggage system.

Special guidelines for Bike Shipping

  1. Carbon frames. We insure carbon frames but not for full replacement unless they are completely lost. If there is damage to your carbon frame we work with a company which specializes in carbon frame repair. Contrary to popular belief a carbon frame can be repaired.

  2. Pedals. Remove your pedals prior to shipping and take them with you. We are not responsible for lost pedals.

  3. Helmets. Take your helmet with you. It is not safe to ship your helmet. If the box were to take a hit where the helmet is at and compromise the helmet you may not know this. If you were to take a serious fall on your bike your helmet may not protect you as you might expect.

  4. Loose items. There should be no loose bike parts, screws, skewers,etc in the box. These items can potentially fall out while in transit.

  5. Computers. Remove them and take them with you.

  6. Soft Cases. We do not recommend packing your bike in soft cases.
    Please note we do not insure bikes packed in soft cases.


If your item is damaged on it’s way back from your destination the carrier will need to inspect the package and examine the contents to determine if it was packaged properly. So don’t throw away the box or any packaging materials. Call us immediately if damaged had occurred when you receive the bike back at your home. A repair estimate will need to be supplied by you from a reputable repair shop.

If the amount of insurance is under $100 we will file a claim with the carrier. If the amount is over $100 we file a claim with the carrier and also file a claim with our alternate insurance company. Additional pictures and receipts may be required.

Once the claim is complete. We issue you a check for the amount of the claim not the insurance company.

You are our customer and we do all the work to resolve the claim. But there are some responsibilities on your part. Hopefully we never have to make a claim on your behalf but being informed is a good first step to avoiding problems later.


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