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About High Country Shipping - Luggage and Excess Baggage Shipping Services

Dave Doemland’s vast experience in the technology industry stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles and includes such prestigious clientele as Sears, Amoco, CNA, Spiegel and Farmer’s Insurance. Acting in roles from Consultant to Owner, Mr. Doemland’s various interests in technology and computer systems kept him on the pulse of the most immediate trends and tapped his forward-thinking vision.

This vision also encompassed a value on a life-style that lead him to Telluride, CO. Here in Telluride, Mr. Doemland’s vision coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong Midwest work ethic, brought about the first, unique approach to luggage shipping as an alternative to the increasingly complicated airline’s fees and restrictions.

High Country Shipping became the first hybrid of tech-saavy knowledge and a vision into growing consumer demand. Literally by hand and foot, Mr. Doemland knocked on every hotel door and carried each piece of luggage in Telluride to establish a business that now extends to International service, and far exceeds just luggage. High Country Shipping excels in personal customer service with each shipment that includes skis, snowboards, golf clubs and International shipping, and so much more.

Above all, High Country Shipping’s greatest accomplishment to date is it’s stellar reputation as the leader in luggage, ski and snowboard shipping and it’s loyal customer base, earned through hard work and dedication.

And Mr. Doemland is not done yet! There’s a saying: The higher up the mountain you climb, the more you see. At High Country Shipping, we continue to see more ways to equally serve our loyal customers and new customers alike. We are excited to continually offer new options to enhance your overall travel experience.

Click HERE to contact us and for directions to our office.

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