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Advantages to Partnering your Bike Shop with High Country Shipping

We've been in the shipping business since 1996 and have pre-negotiated rates
and terms with UPS and FedEx.

Know your price before you ship a bike. Bike shops using their own account get one rate from Fedex/UPS when creating the shipping label only to find out later that the charge they receive  in their statement is greater than what was expected. Minimize oversize charges!

Example: Bike case measuring 48" x 33" x 12" would normally be oversized with UPS or Fedex.
With us it is NOT! Try our calculators below to see if your case is oversized

Bike Shop Dimensional Calculator Click here to calculate your Bike Case Dimensional Size


Additional benefits include:

  • Know your price before you ship - Utilize our online shipping calculator 24/7.

  • Easily manage your shipping needs with our custom software.

  • A dedicated staff of professionals backing you up should you have any concerns.

  • We track and monitor your shipments to insure on time arrival.

  • We provide insurance and claims handling.

  • Simplified billing via monthly invoicing.

  • Location on our national bike shop locator map and custom landing page for your bike shop.

  • Maximize exposure to new business from our network of bike events and bike enthusiasts.

  • Social media and web site exposure through HCS.


For additional information fill-out the contact form below or call us at 970-708-4792.
We look forward to working with you.

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