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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 FAQ's

How does it work ?

Can I arrange for luggage and bike pick up online ?

How long does it take ?

Are there weekend pick up and deliveries ?

Can I ship internationally ?

Overall FAQ's

Why should I ship with High Country Shipping ?

Where do you ship ?

What packaging should I use ?

What if I’m not going to be home at the scheduled pick up time ?

Insurance and Claims

Are my baggage and other items protected against possible loss or damage ?

What if I have a claim ?

Luggage, Ski and Snowboard Specific

Luggage Shipping Instructions

How does Luggage Insurance work ?

How do I attach my label to my luggage ?

Bike Specific

How do I calculate by Bike Case dimensional size ?

Bike Shipping Instructions

How does Bike Insurance work ?

How do I attach my label to my bike case ?

Travel Specific

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